[Library ebook] Economists and War: A heterodox perspective (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics)

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Economists and War: A heterodox perspective (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics)

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Description : War and economic power have been interwoven in the thought of scholars since the beginnings of economic science, and views on the role of war in the economy have shifted dramatically as the world order has changed. The centenary of World War I has offered the opportunity for increased reflection on this topic, particularly as the war itself stimulated new directions for both research and the development of theory.Economists and War brings together expert contributors who are united in their commitment to exploring this classic subject from innovative and heterodox points of view. The chapters presented in the book delve into a wide range of perspectives from Japan in the Second World War and Italy in the First; the debate on State intervention among German-speaking authors to the debate on the economic bases of perpetual peace; and from Keynes, who wrote on the lsquo;irrationality of warrsquo;, to Sismondi, who saw war as an opportunity for economic development, and not only for nation-states.This volume is essential reading for scholars of the history of economic thought, international political economy and intellectual history. It is also of great interest to those studying military and naval history.

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