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China Matters: Getting It Right for Australia

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Author : Bates Gill, Linda Jakobson
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Description : Australia and China face a new era, butnbsp;are wenbsp;ready?Australiarsquo;s prosperity and security are linked to China as never before. But what kind of a country is China becoming? Will its demand for Australian goods and services increase? Can the Communist Party continue to keep the middle class satisfied while cracking down on political freedoms? How will China use its economic and military might, especially if challenged by President Trump?China Matters is a concise overview of China today, and the implications for Australia. Written by Australia-based, internationally renowned China-watchers Bates Gill and Linda Jakobson, it examines the countryrsquo;s unique dynamism and contradictions. It delves into everything from business ties to the growing influence of the Chinese government in Australia. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand Chinarsquo;s complexities and how Australia should respond to secure our future.lsquo;Cuts through the volatile mix of hype, hysteria and complacency surrounding the Middle Kingdom in Australia to sketch out a nuanced road map for dealing with Asiarsquo;s rising super power.rsquo; mdash;Richard McGregorlsquo;Australians must learn to live with Chinarsquo;s power. This is simply the best all-round guide we have for how to do this.rsquo; mdash;Hugh WhiteBates Gill is Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies at the Strategicnbsp;and Defence Studiesnbsp;Centre, Australian National University. He is an internationally recognised China expert withnbsp;25nbsp;yearsrsquo; experience as a scholar and policy adviser. Dr Gill has authored seven books and more thannbsp;100 other China-related publications, includingnbsp;Rising Starnbsp;andnbsp;China: The Balance Sheet.Linda Jakobson is an award-winning, internationally recognised author of six books on China. A Mandarin speaker, she worked as a researcher and policy adviser in China for 22 years before moving to Sydney in 2011 to become East Asia Program Director at the Lowy Institute. In 2015 she founded China Matters, an Australian public policy initiative.nbsp;nbsp;A Finnish national she is a permanent resident of Australia.

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