[Read now] Building a Practical Information Security Program

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Building a Practical Information Security Program

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Author : Jason Andress, Mark Leary
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Description : Building a Practical Information Security Program provides users with a strategic view on how to build an information security program that aligns with business objectives. The information provided enables both executive management and IT managers not only to validate existing security programs, but also to build new business-driven security programs. In addition, the subject matter supports aspiring security engineers to forge a career path to successfully manage a security program, thereby adding value and reducing risk to the business. Readers learn how to translate technical challenges into business requirements, understand when to “go big or go home,” explore in-depth defense strategies, and review tactics on when to absorb risks. This book explains how to properly plan and implement an infosec program based on business strategy and results.Provides a roadmap on how to build a security program that will protect companies from intrusionShows how to focus the security program on its essential mission and move past FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to provide business valueTeaches how to build consensus with an effective business-focused program

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