(Library ebook) Starting Your Career as a Freelance Editor: A Guide to Working with Authors, Books, Newsletters, Magazines, Websites, and More

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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Editor: A Guide to Working with Authors, Books, Newsletters, Magazines, Websites, and More

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Author : Mary Embree
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Description : If you’ve ever considered editing as a career, this book will help you on your new path. Yoursquo;ll learn about the requirements in various fields, how to get started, the step-by-step facets of setting up and conducting your editing services, working with writers and publishers, promoting yourself and your expertise, and determining what to charge. In addition to books there are articles, dissertations, brochures, reports, abstracts, editorials, reviews, ad copy, and much more.There is more to making a living as a freelance editor than correct English usage, sentence structure, and grammatical construction. Here, yoursquo;ll learn what you need to know to decide on a specialty and how to manage the business side of your career.

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