[FREE] John A. Brown’s, Kerr’s Halliburton’s: Where Oklahoma City Loved to Shop (Landmarks)

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John A. Brown’s, Kerr’s Halliburton’s: Where Oklahoma City Loved to Shop (Landmarks)

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Author : Ajax Delvecki, Larry Johnson
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Description : Department stores John A. Browns, Kerrs and Halliburtons ruled supreme in Oklahoma City. From lucky penny giveaways to defying blue laws, the three big department stores did whatever it took to entertain and entice. The stunning display windows of Kerrs downtown once lured shoppers inside, but the closing of Halliburtons in 1961 signaled the final days of downtown shopping. Adoption fairs and civil rights sit-ins at Browns wove the store into the social fabric of the city. Authors Ajax Delvecki and Larry Johnson chronicle the stories, history and memories of the best of Oklahoma City shopping.

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